“FOMO” — or “Fear Of Missing Out” — is an ugly social motivator. As an introvert it’s caused me to overextend myself on many an occasion, and its generally considered a negative impact on our mental health.

I propose that it’s time we name and discuss its grotesque younger brother…

“Security Updates” aren’t just your device manufacturer’s way of having fun: they’re important. They send updates in response to security issues they find in their software, and even sometimes to send software fixes for problems with hardware.

Updates are sometimes set to run by themselves. You should still check to…

Your information is, at its most basic, yours. This article isn’t about how to keep someone else from getting it, it’s about how to keep it available to you.

Backing up your devices is important. If you have a device get stolen, break, crash, or mysteriously get thrown through…

And Why Is It Important To Me?

Free info available — stylized like the “Free WiFi Available sign”

Open Source Information is information that is available to anyone on the internet. If you’ve ever “google’d yourself” you’ve accessed the open source information available on you. It can be a bit creepy, finding out exactly what information about you is available for anyone to see. …

“My buddy dared me to find the worst place to run a Bitcoin mining company, and I chose Lewistown.”

Austin Pratt, CEO of F!RST CRYPTO was dared to move his business to the “worst place possible”.

F!RST CRYPTO, a Bitcoin mining company previously located in northern California, is moving to Lewistown.

Austin Pratt, 21, was dared by a friend to move his Cryptomining company to the “worst place possible” to prove that he was perfect for the “crypto scene”.

“It will look great on my future…


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